Direct and Know Who Sees What and When.

Startups seeking investment will have hundreds of documents to manage, from your NDA and one sheet, to business plans, term sheets and deal sheets. We know, we've been there.

So we built a simple to use startup document management platform that give you the control over your documents, who sees what document when, allows for multiple revisions of documents and provides a record of views, downloads and access.

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Very Easy Document Management For Startups and Investors

Secure Startup is the perfect cloud-based document management platform for startups companies. We're more organized and startup centric than DropBox or iCloud, and much easier to use than Microsoft's SharePoint. We've organized your documents by category and type and make it very easy to connect with investors to get them the information they need in a simple to use platform.

It takes just a few minutes to set up your account and upload your documents. You can even archive the older ones so you have versioning built in. And inviting investors to view your startup documents is seamless and flexible. Just fill out the simple invitation form and off it goes. When they respond to your request to view documents, the system auto populates the NDA, gets a virtual signature and then allows them to see only the documents you want them to see. And it tracks every activity in your account in case you need that for any purpose in the future.

Plus, you can rescind the invitations, change what they have access to or add new documents to their view-file list. Please take a few minutes to review the quick tutorial and log in to the demo to take a quick tour of the app. We think document management for startups will never be the same!

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