Quick Tutorial

A Simple Guide To A Simple System

User: demo@squirrelventures.com Pass: securestartup

The Secure Startup team brings you an easy to use and robust system for you to upload, manage and control who sees the documents for your startup. 

So why Secure Startup vs other Platforms?
We found there was a need and niche between full-blown systems like Microsoft's Sharepoint and cloud storage options like iCloud and Dropbox.

Secure Startup is a simple to use document management and investor control app that puts you in command of document organization; who sees your documents and when, and transparently tracks all activity in your account, so if there is ever an issue with a potential investor, you have the logs to defend yourself.

Here's a quick tutorial of how the site works. We will be constantly upgrading the services and features based on your feedback.

Right now, we have four components, the Documents Platform, Investor Platform, Invitation Platform plus the Account Activity screen so you can see all the activity on your account by you and your investors.

Document Management:

Unlike Google Docs and Dropbox, you have to go through the process of sending an NDA, getting that signed and returned, then you can send them a link. With Secure Startup, you send them an invitation to join you here, and from that point on, they can access all your documents in one place, with one link. You easily assign document privileges as you go. The document platform is organized by document categories (above) and document types (below, shown as tabs across the top of the page). You can add documents, archive older documents and assign access to individual documents to investors.

Your Investor Network:

Here is where you manage your investor network connections, control who views your documents and track internal communications with your investor. You get to select (or deselect) which documents they see now, and later.

Invitations System:
The invitation engine sends an email to the investor and gives them a link to join you on the platform. Once registered, the investor completes and signs a general NDA before getting access to your documents. That signed NDA is auto populated into your documents library.

Account Activity
Everything that happens in your account is tracked and recorded and shows in your dashboard. You know exactly what is happening and when it happened.

You can add reminders, notes about meetings, add to-dos, and other things to keep you on track!

Constantly Improving

We want to keep adding features that will help you keep your startup docs, and your life, organized. We’ve included a feedback link on the left so you can make suggestions and notify us if you see something wonky. We hope you enjoy this platform, built by startup entrepreneurs for people just like you!