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Over the last several years we have been involved in several startups, including one recently that has raise more than $4 Million. With 40 investors, you can imagine the amount of paperwork, documents, files and versions of files we have had to create, edit, save and share. Hundreds.

Like us, you're are singularly-focused on your business and not document management. Plus, we're all paranoid that someone will steal our idea and do it themselves. And without a great system for tracking document distribution, all you have is hope to count on that it won't be taken.

So I needed a reasonably priced system for not just document management, like Dropbox or another cloud-based system, but one where the documents can truly be interactive, managed and tracked as to who sees what, and when.

So not only will you be able to upload all of your documents and files, your investors will be able to upload signed agreements and filed so you have instant access to everything happening with your investor interactions.

How It All Works

Step 1: Create Your Account.

Whether you're a startup or an investor, the first step is to create an account.

For startups, you'll be able to add your NDA and leave the spaces for the investors information to be inserted using their signup information.

For investors, you'll create your account and your information will be inserted into the startup's NDA, which you'll be able to read and sign digitally.

Step 2: Startups

Upload all of your startup docs using our preset list, or add your own.

Invite investors to view your documents (you select what documents they see based on your progress with their interest)

Step 2: Investors

Ask your startup to join Secure Startup

They will send you an invitation to register and login.

You'll sign their NDA and then have access to the files they want you to see.

Step 3: Manage your Information

Startups add files, documents, videos and other information. You'll be able see which investors accesses your information and when. You can turn off access whenever you want, or give them full access to all documents.

Investors can view files, download files and upload signed documents (PDF or Word), so everything about that deal is located in one convenient place.